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Everybody has moments where they feel overwhelmed.  The very nature of the stress that surrounds us in modern day life does that.  So we have come up with a really simple way to help bring you right back into the current moment when you are stressed.

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The starting point

R A C H E L   A L L E N  | 25th April 2023

Spiritual discovery is a journey of exploring the deepest aspects of ourselves and the universe around us. It is a quest for meaning, purpose, and connection with something greater than ourselves. Spiritual discovery often involves examining our beliefs, values, and experiences, as well as seeking guidance from spiritual traditions and practices. Through this process, we can gain insight, wisdom, and inner peace, and find a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment in our lives. Spiritual discovery can be a transformative experience that opens up new horizons of understanding, compassion, and love, and allows us to connect with our true essence and the infinite potential of the universe.

The Spiritual Party works by giving you inspiration on this site here, and be going on a deeper dive when you sign up for your full plan for free.

We have The Overwhelm Button, which connects you to the soulful section, where we look after your mind, body and soul with thousands of videos, audio files and physical activities, alongside sleep stories, hydration guidance, yoga lessons and much, much more.  And all for free.  It won’t be free forever and with new content arriving all the time, what are you waiting for?

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Taking the first step

R A C H E L   A L L E N  |  23rd April 2023

There is a beautiful saying from Charlie Macksey’s book, ‘The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse’: “Just take this step… The horizon will look after itself.” It’s time to take that first step.  Read more…

Ten Common Myths about Spirituality

R A C H E L   A L L E N  |  22nd April 2023

Be it myth or mystery, let’s dispel some of the biggies together.  Read more…


Healing Modalities

R A C H E L   A L L E N  | 21st April 2023

What is out there?

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Aura Colours: A Beginner’s Guide

R A C H E L   A L L E N  | 22nd April 2023


Have you ever heard someone say that they can see a person’s aura? Or maybe you’ve seen a photograph of a person with colourful energy surrounding them?  Read more…

The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but significance, and then even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning.” 

O P R A H   W I N F R E Y


A journey is a gesture inscribed in space, it vanishes even as it’s made. You go from one place to another place, and on to somewhere else again, and already behind you there is no trace that you were ever there.”

D A M O N   G A L G U T 


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