Hi, and welcome to the Soulful section of The Spiritual Party, affectionately known as TSP by us here at HQ (sounds grand, but currently, I am in my bedroom, writing, with lots of lovely fresh air coming in the window).  Spiritual discovery often involves examining our beliefs, values, and experiences, as well as seeking guidance from spiritual traditions and practices. Through this process, we can gain insight, wisdom, and inner peace, and find a deeper sense of purpose and fulfilment in our lives.


The Spiritual Party works by giving you the starting point inspiration on this site here, and then going on a deeper dive when you sign up for your full access to our Insider platform for free.  So, to access more, sign up now and follow us on our socials @thespiritualpartydotcom, to get the most up to date content.  But if all you ever do is enjoy the free site exploration, then that’s fine by us.   

Taking the first step is often the hardest, but we have everything you need here to guide you through exploring new and exciting things.


For now, welcome, it’s great to have you here with us.  Enjoy.  Because it really is all about you

RACHEL ALLEN | The Spiritual Party | 9 Jul 2023



An introduction to the chakra

Learning about different spiritual elements and what they represent is part of the bare bones of what we do here.  As a little taster, here we let you know all about the chakra, how to identify any blockages and what to do about it.

So, sit back and let me tell you all about it.  Love Paula x

PAULA JONES | The Spiritual Party | 9 Jul 2023



one of our many sleep stories

Time to close your eyes, empty your thoughts and let us talk you to sleep.

Remember, there are lots more options if you create you own free login.

But for now, go gently, Love and light, Rach x

RACHEL ALLEN | The Spiritual Party | 10 Jul 2023




five minutes of calm

Take five minutes to just empty your mind, by focusing on the video and sounds.  

Put this into your day, everyday and you have the little beginnings of a routine.  When you sign up to become a The Spiritual Party Insider you get your own personal plan, along with access to so much more relaxation, and you get to plan out your own spiritual awakening the way you want it to be.  More importantly, you get access to your personal journal, were you can record thoughts and feelings that will help you to develop your practice.  

But for now, pop that phone on silent, switch off your mind and get lost in a little bit of calm.  Go gently, Rach x

RACHEL ALLEN | The Spiritual Party | 11 Jul 2023


the power of the positive

We all have that voice behind our eyes, you know the one that tells you all the negative insecurities that you have.

But what if we could change that?  Affirmations are a powerful way to tell your body the things that it needs to foster the power of positivity. 

Words mean something to your mind and the way in which they are delivered has massive influence over your mood.  Try out one of our affirmation videos to see what the power of positive speech can do for you.  We have so many options as a TSP Insider, to help you find the affirmations that mean something to you.

This journey is personal but believe us when we say, we can help.  All you need to do is give us permission.  Love and light, Paula x

PAULA JONES | The Spiritual Party | 12 Jul 2023

Inhale, exhale, we’ve got this

Three simple breathing exercises to help you find your inner calm.  

If you are anything like me, most of the time you breathe with the top 10% of your lungs.  I mean we are just all too busy aren’t we.

As a TSP Insider you get access to all of our content around breath work, so as a little teaser, have a quick go at some of these.

Inhale, exhale.  We’ve got this. Love H x

HELEN HALL | The Spiritual Party | 12 Jul 2023


just a little bit about the spiritual party

We want you to achieve peace, clarity and calm, but how do we actually  do it?

We’ve got everything you need on the other side to help you find your own unique path and to help you to create your place in the third dimension of you.

So, what are you waiting for my lovely.  Time to get your (spiritual) geek on!  Lots of love, Rach x

RACHEL ALLEN | The Spiritual Party | 12 Jul 2023


the overwhelm button™️

Hey listen, we all have moments of feeling overwhelm.  My passion is around mental diet, meaning those things around us that we consume on a daily basis.  To help you cope with any emotions that threaten your mental eco-system, we use The Overwhelm Button.  It starts you off with a gentle meditation, guided by Paula into a calmer space in just five minutes.

Anytime you feel that grip around your throat, stomach or wherever you feel your anxiety, hit that button and take yourself away from the anxious, to a calmer headspace.

Really good mental diet starts with breath and ends with thought, which is exactly what this exercise does for you.  Here is a little taster of some of the things that the button leads to on the other side, when you become a TSP Insider and get your personalised plan, journal, exclusive discounts, VIP membership to the Book Club and much, much more.

Go gently.

RACHEL ALLEN | The Spiritual Party | 9 Jul 2023



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