There is a beautiful saying from Charlie Macksey’s book, ‘The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse’: “Just take this step… The horizon will look after itself.” It’s time to take that first step.

Let’s put it into context.  Think of yourself as a tree. Your physical self represents the trunk and branches, the visible and tangible parts of the tree that make up its structure. Your spiritual self represents the roots, the hidden and unseen parts of the tree that anchor it to the ground and draw in nutrients from the earth. And your emotional self represents the leaves, the delicate and expressive parts of the tree that respond to the changing seasons and weather, sometimes flourishing and sometimes falling away.

Just as a tree needs all three elements – trunk and branches, roots, and leaves – to thrive and grow, so too do we need to nurture and care for all three aspects of ourselves – our physical, spiritual, and emotional selves – to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. By tending to each of these parts of ourselves, we can strengthen our resilience, deepen our connections to others and the world around us, and find greater balance and harmony in our lives.

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The first step towards clarity, calm and happiness is done.  Go forth and explore more.

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Cheshire, England