We have already introduced the concept of mental diet into your psyche.  Taste for me relates to the physical diet.

What consumables is it that surrounds you.  Diet is a word that used to fill me with dread.  Echoes of forbidden and the concept that food are wrong or right for you just stream in whenever I used today the word.  But, as I have aged, diet has become more synonymous with consumables and goes beyond food for me.  Consumables exist in many forms and whilst there are many, here we are talking about taste.  Taste can be experienced through many elements and here we want to discuss what taste actually is.

Taste is connected to the tongue, but also the brain, of which the heart is thought to be part of. 

Taste is a subjective thing therefore and is connected to major organs which, when you put it into the spiritual context, means that consumables are not just attributed to the actual taste but also how it makes us feel. 

So, what we want you to try and do is consider taste as an experiment and put it into the context of nourishment.  There are a few ways to experience and look after yourself with taste:

  1. Eat a balanced diet
  1. Limit processed foods and sugar
  1. Stay hydrated
  1. Consider supplements
  2. Practice mindful eating

Thinking about taste in the metaphorical sense now, how does your life taste to you?  I know with me, I have had periods of absolutely delicious life and periods of sour, sweet or savoury moments.

The senses are so closely linked, and taste is no different.  Think about when something leaves a taste in your mouth, which although it is not really a taste, but because the senses are linked, it can draw the memory of the taste into the tongue and convince the body that it is a consumable.  Powerful right?

Try and uncover the sweet senses that can be unlocked when you consider the tastes that go in.  Making time for this mindfulness when experiencing taste can unlock things about nourishment for the body that you have not considered before.  There is no diet preach here and no judgement because I believe firmly that there is a place for every taste but for now, I want you to think about taste in a wider sense and take the full glutenous glory of what taste does for your inner and outer self.  Go forth, eat, drink and experience, because, in my humble opinion we could all do with a little more chicken soup for the soul.

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