Sight in terms of spiritual awakening is a multi-faceted sense.  Sight in its simplest term refers to the things we can see around us, those mental diet consumables that have such an influence on our whole being.  But for the purposes of this article, we are talking about spiritual viewing first.  Here are a few of the sight based elements to spirituality:

  • Auras is a fascinating and intriguing practice that can help you to gain deeper insights into yourself and the people around you. An aura is a subtle, luminous energy field that surrounds all living things, and it is often associated with the spiritual or energetic aspect of a person.
  • Spiritual symbolism: Symbolism is a literary and artistic technique used to represent ideas, emotions, or concepts through the use of strokes, dashes or illustrations. Symbols are objects, images, or actions that carry a deeper meaning beyond their literal interpretation. They can be concrete and tangible, such as an object or an animal, or they can be abstract, such as a gesture or a colour.
  • Spiritual sight: Often referred to as clairvoyance or the ability to perceive beyond the physical senses, that is believed to be possessed by certain practitioners in different spiritual traditions.  Including Psychic, Mediums, Shamans, Seers, Oracles, Prophets, Yogis, Meditation Practitioners

The spiritual self is a complex and fluid process dependent on self, location, geography, etc. and the sight that is required as a sense can be physical or metaphorical.  Hard to get, right?  I struggle with this sometimes.  For me, quite simply, the sight sense in terms of spirituality I tend to use my physical sense to interpret, rightly or wrongly, and process what is in front of me. 

Sometimes having the spiritual lowdown on a topic can just create a bit more thought, which is after all what spirituality is about.  Opening up your mind to things that on the face of it, you might be able to see right now.  If you were approaching a glass of water from a distance, you might not be able to see the contents.  Is it empty or full?  For me is, it’s waiting for you to get closer to reveal the answer, much like your spiritual self.  You’re doing really well so far, my lovely.  Keep going and… 

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