Much has been said about the senses so far on your spiritual journey, but you may wonder what touch can do for you in the spiritual sense.  Again, thinking in a broader sense (pardon the pun) touch can be multi-faceted.

 When we put touch into context of spirituality, you can think about it as something physical or metaphorical. There are treatments that involve touch, feelings that evoke touch and many more. 

What does touch mean to you?  Some may find touch sensual, sexual, healing, awakening and a million other things.  Look around you.  What are you touching right now? 

We use the words ‘I am touched’ often to indicate that something has touched our heart.  How many times in your life have you folded your arms around your own chest, hugging in a safe touch to yourself?  Touch is powerful and within spirituality, essential.

When touched, held or worn, crystals can have a powerful impact on our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Healing practises in spirituality can involve non-invasive touch, which, trust me when I say if you are open to it, this is a very powerful way of feeling touch. 

 Touch is delicate and needs to be consensual which is so important.  Having a history of unkind touch can block your energy channels.  Alongside talking therapy, NLP is a good way of allowing safe touch to allow your body to heal the energy channels blocked.

If someone is touching you without your consent, we have some resources available to you to get help in the how section of our website. 

Touch can be experienced in so many ways. and in terms of your spirituality,  touch is something that we are aware of 24/7, be it in our conscious or sub-conscious mind. Think about returning home after a trip and getting into your bed, in clean pyjamas and sinking into the space that is a right fit to you, and think about how this makes you feel.  Safe, warm and in the right place for you.  This, my darlings, is the power of touch.

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